2018 INFO !

It is with great sadness that we have to announce, that in 2018, there will be NO Belgian open Pinball. Due to false promises regarding the dates by the venue, we have no other option left than to cancel our treasured BoP, to which we always look forward each year.
We are actively working on a solution for 2019 and will keep everyone informed once we have more concrete plans.

Welcome at the Belgian Open Pinball 2017!

In the same larger venue as last year called 't bau-huis, located at 1.3 km from the one last year, with more facilities and additional space, we look forward to bring you the BOP 2017.

This tournament is 'open' and is a full 2 day event on the 30th September and 1st of October 2017. This means 2 days of pinball fun, open for both Belgian and international players!
We have the main qualification on saturday, and we continue on sunday for the final rounds with the first 56 qualified players in a head-to-head formula. In the main tournament you can earn WPPR points for the IFPA ranking.
We also present a seperate classics tournament (16 machines), a youth tournament and the brand new 'Belgian Triple 9°' side tournament that earns WPPR points too.
We had lots of light power present last year but due to reflection problems on the playfield glasses, we could not use it to the fullest. This year this issue is certainly covered.

Click HERE for the timetable.

't Bau-huis - Sint-Niklaas
This is a closed event, only registered players are allowed. Entrance to this event is free of charge and all machines are setup to freeplay. We only ask a contribution that makes you a bfb-member and to cover the costs of the location.

Main tournament (incl access both days recreational + drink vouchers): 45 euro
Youth tournament max age 15 years (incl access sunday + 1 responsible adult): free of charge

So do not forget to register yourself starting from the 15th of June 2017 at 20h. Pre-registration for the top 8 of each country from the 1st till the 12th of June through the IFPA country director.
We hope to welcome you all and perhaps YOU are the next champion in the Belgian Open Pinball tournament!

Just like last year we try to obtain the most recent pinball machines available. Playable in the competition area and recreational area.
Last year we had over 50 pinball machines, this year we would like to add an additional 10.

Those who bring one or more machines, receive a 50% discount on his subscription fee (as drinking vouchers). This year we also present the 'pinballTaxi' for the regions West- and East-Flanders which will take care of the transport for your machines that you offer to us for the weekend. Please contact us if you consider offering a machine to setup in the BOP 2017.

The BOP BBQ is terug! On saturdaynight we offer a nice 'after-summer' bbq that you can eat between 18h30 and 21h30. Participation in this is 15 euro.
3 nice pieces of meat, vegetables and other food is included (bread, potatoes, ...), as well the accomodation to enjoy your meal at ease in the foyer.
During the registration you can choose to register for the BBQ.
Pre-registration for this is needed! It is not possible to register for this once the BOP has started.
A unique BOP 2017 is being designed as we speak.

This T-shirt can be bought by marking this when you register for the tournament at the cost of 25 euro. There you can also define the size needed.
The top 16 of the 2016 edition have won a golden ticket for the BOP 2017. This gives you a free registration and entrance to the BOP 2017 editon! Here are the lucky ones:

1) Cayle George
2) Daniele Celestino Acciari
3) Franck Bona
4) Erwin Deutschländer
5) Colin MacAlpine
6) Anthony Rorive
7) Bo Mertins
8) Julio Vicario
9) Mathias Leurs
10) Mark van der Gugten
11) Armin Kress
12) Santiago Elices
13) Peter Blakemore
14) Henning Lescher
15) Mads Kristensen
16) Martijn Van Aken

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